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What is the Right Price for Water?

While this draught is well within historical measurements, the dry situation in California has people taking a serious look about finding the right price for water. Below is an article that takes a look at the policy and laws and recommendations from economists to help ease the challenges created by the draught in California. Here’s […] - (read more)

Mexican farmers are trucking produce into an Arizona town—where tons of it gets thrown into landfills

An incredible amount of food waste happens in Nogales, Arizona for incredibly ridiculous reasons, when you consider how many are hungry in this country and around the world. This is the topic of an eight-minute documentary featuring a former MacArthur fellow and advocate for sustainable food reform. Here’s the Article: Mexican farmers are trucking produce […] - (read more)

The Crazy Life of a Chef Is Nothing to Celebrate

If you ever wondered what the life of a Chef is like, you can read about it here. This is an article written by Matt Basile who is chef-owner of Lisa Marie restaurant and Fidel Gastro’s Food Truck and catering company in Toronto. Here’s the Article: The Crazy Life of a Chef Is Nothing to […] - (read more)

South America’s largest city is almost out of water

A couple of weeks ago, Brazil’s federal government predicted São Paulo will run out of water by June. They have since changed the prediction date, due to recent rains, but this is still a significant story. São Paulo is the largest city and the economic hub in South America. Due to the worst draught in […] - (read more)