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“We are Humans and Not Dogs”

This is a rather interesting article about the post effects of apartheid in South Africa. Frankly, it seems like a cautionary tale about wanting specific changes in government and not really thinking through all the outcomes. Seems like there are places in America that have suffered this same type of thing. State by state, county […] - (read more)

A Map Of The World’S Most And Least Ethnically Diverse Countries

This is an interesting article that shows ethnical diversity around the world. This article is not very long, but very intriguing. I would also invite you to read the update response from a professor who studies race and ethnic conflict (subsequent link is at the top of the article). Read more: A revealing map of […] - (read more)

Applications for US jobless aid fall to 278,000

So, this is a good government story. It seems like when the economist are predicting things like 230,000 new jobs, and it comes to fruition, maybe the country hasn’t been as bad as people claimed it to be over the last few months. It also seems like these are things that should have been talking […] - (read more)

The Ignorance of Nations, Ranked

Here are some of the results from a public perception study in 14 countries – the link for the study is in the article. Its pretty interesting when you look at the guess vs actual. The US is second to last on list of 14 countries. So much for our American exceptionalism, huh? Frankly, its […] - (read more)