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Girl Scout survey reveals shortcomings of South

This is a truly interesting study. It would be interesting to compare the political leanings of the top and the bottom states and see if there are any interesting points one could gleen from political parties in charge of those states (hint: there probably are). If you want the best for your daughter, consider moving […] - (read more)

Where the Police Are Part of Mental-Health Care

Maybe if the St. Louis Metropolitan Police department had been trained to deal with mental illness calls, Kajieme Powell would still be alive. Its very difficult to watch video of the shooting of this young man and think it was any more of a good kill than Michael Brown. Thirty seconds went by from the […] - (read more)

How Far Does $100 Go In Your State?

This is a really interesting look at the value of $100 around the country. If you are beginning to think about moving to another state, or looking at schools for your high school seniors, this map is something you should definitely take into consideration. When people ask me why I moved from NYC back to […] - (read more)

America’s recession-torn construction belt

In some areas of our country, construction activity is less than half of normal levels as usual. In other areas, new building permit numbers have surged into the low-to-mid 70%s. Construction activity has yet to reach pre-recession levels in most markets, but some areas are showing unusually brisk activity in the building of new properties, […] - (read more)