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The Best Unsung Female Scientists

It seems a week doesn’t go by where we don’t hear about STEM and some of the great strides we are making in making science and tech education more accessible for our daughters. A new book has come out that showcases 52 women and their contributions to science, each ultimately changing the world. Rachel Swaby […] - (read more)

Obama Announces a Plan to Restrict Police Use of Military-Style Equipment

This is a good step, however, I’m not really sure it will make all that much difference. Sadly, the damage has already been done and limiting police use of military-style equipment doesn’t change a culture, it just makes it look different. Here’s the inspiration:Obama Just Announced a Plan to Restrict Police Use of Military-Style Equipment […] - (read more)

Discussions about Poverty Need To Be More Than Just Bullet Points in Presidential Debates

The Philly News has put together a roundup of remarks made by the presidential candidates regarding poverty. While interesting, many of them sound dangerously close to soundbites and bullet points. Here’s a game you can play in the next few months: Which Presidential candidate sounds sincere when discussing economic, education, living wages and housing in […] - (read more)

Income inequality fact of life for food servers – even in the Capital

Doesn’t it seem like maybe in one of the most important buildings in the country, people would be getting at least a living wage? In Congress, income inequality fact of life for food servers “People are much nicer” in the Capitol, Tesfahun said. But he said he generally has no work or pay when Congress […] - (read more)