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The Average Middle-Class American Only Has $20,000 Saved For Retirement

These are interesting numbers when you consider the state of the economy and inflation and then extrapolate these numbers out by 10 years, 20 years, and even 30 years. Then, combine that with trends and probably trends in our workforce and the realizations are downright scary. Read more: The Average Middle-Class American Only Has $20,000 […] - (read more)

The Divorce-Proof Marriage

I’m not sure these are really true. I think one should probably go read the findings from the paper mentioned to see who was studied (socio-economics, demographics, locations, etc). Regardless, its sort of interesting seeing the visualization…but its also important to remember this probably doesn’t apply to EVERY marriage. The Divorce-Proof Marriage. According to a […] - (read more)

USDA predicts larger Florida orange crop for 2014-15

When an industry employs nearly 76K people and has an annual economic impact of $9 billion, its always great to hear the crop you thought was dying is actually on pace for a better season than the year before. Florida is still batting citrus greening disease, but it looks like things may be looking up […] - (read more)

The Countries That Have Destabilized The Most Over The Past 3 Months

So, looking at this map, one can’t help but ask, how come people aren’t talking about those green (not green like environment, but green like low risk) countries and what they are doing right? And does it bother anyone else that right now, North America is labeled as medium and high risk on the Civil […] - (read more)