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People Have to Make Enough to Sleep

For low-income workers in our country, sleep is a commodity they often can’t afford. This is particularly true if the low-income worker is part of a low-income family – do you sleep or do you feed your children? Further, then the question becomes “do I feed my children healthy food or do I just get […] - (read more)

Big Test for Fuel from Corn Waste Begins in the U.S.

Cellulosic fuels are made from biomass derived from corn stalks, leaves and other organic material. This type of ethanol has the possibilities of reducing emissions by close to 86% compared to gasoline. Though there have been two other cellulosic ethanol plants which opened and failed to meet production numbers due to financial and technical setbacks, […] - (read more)

Transportation Secretary Wants to Take a Futurist Approach

It will be fantastic if Secretary Foxx is successful at planning a thirty year outlook; but odds are, Congress will put up the blockade and he’ll be lucky to get funding for any budget. Thusly, causing the department to put their damage-control planning on the back burner in lieu of fire-fighting because a bridge collapsed. […] - (read more)

Do High-School Students With Jobs Make More Money Later in Life?

This is a great summary of a recent paper that looked at whether kids with jobs in high school made more money than their non-working high school cohorts. Read the article – its not too long and there are some really good links to follow as well. Do High-School Students With Jobs Make More Money […] - (read more)