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Companies to Pledge Action on Climate Change at UN Summit

I’m sure every knows there is a big Climate Change summit going on at the UN right now. Below are some of the highlights. Also, there’s a big march on wall street right now, which you can follow on twitter here: Read More: Companies to Pledge Action on Climate Change at UN Summit. Mars […] - (read more)

The Past Year’s Slowest Growing Industries

This article takes a look at the slowest growing industries over the past year. Even for the layman/woman, its easy to surmise that these industries are probably affected by world economies and prices of metals and things like that. Of course, one must also consider that slow growth in some industries may also result in […] - (read more)

Most Of The U.S. Saw Little Recovery In 2013

Energy and Technology, specifically Apps, saw very strong economic recoveries in the United States in 2013, but for the rest of the country, there was little to no movement at all. Those who work in these fields probably saw income increases. For the rest of the country, household net worth lagged along with income, because […] - (read more)

Veteran News for the Week

With all types of scrutiny on the Veterans Administration, there seems to be an uptick in all the news about and for Veterans. Its worth paying attention – for no other reason than we are getting involved in Iraq again. Here are a few of the stories for today: US to train veterans to install […] - (read more)