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Seafood fraud cases plummet as NOAA cuts investigators

This seems like an important story and information that maybe should be a bit more public than it is. There was a study published this year that states about 25% of all wild-caught seafood imports are part of an illicit trade that is undermining our economy. Further, you may not be eating what you think […] - (read more)

The Opaque World of Committee Assignments

This is a really interesting article about committee assignments in the House and Senate and how important they really are to a politician. …and after you read this one, go check out this article about ethics and holiday parties on Capital Hill. Read More: The Opaque World of Committee Assignments. One of the older truisms […] - (read more)

Surviving Holiday Small Talk

This is a great article with interview on how to survive the holiday gatherings by mastering holiday small talk. Read More: Surviving Holiday Small Talk. Thanksgiving week means the holidays are officially upon us, which means it’s time for parties. And it’s also time for small talk: hours upon hours of two-inch-deep conversations with people […] - (read more)

“We are Humans and Not Dogs”

This is a rather interesting article about the post effects of apartheid in South Africa. Frankly, it seems like a cautionary tale about wanting specific changes in government and not really thinking through all the outcomes. Seems like there are places in America that have suffered this same type of thing. State by state, county […] - (read more)