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David Carr – Beloved by All

I have spent last night and this morning reading from the NYT’s archives of David Carr’s work. I have never read David Carr, and now that I have, I feel I have missed out on a great deal of some of the best writing in journalism. I decided to do this reading because of the […] - (read more)

How growing income inequality is hurting Social Security

A new report came out Tuesday, from the Center for American Progress, claiming income inequality is a direct threat to the fiscal health of Social Security. I don’t really think this is new news, but its interesting and always good to have the information in a report, right? At least it gives one something to […] - (read more)

Who Is the Pope?

This is a fantastic veiw of who Pope Francis is and what that means for the Catholic Church. If you are interested, this is a really great read. Read the Article: Who Is the Pope? Francis’s humility and spontaneity have won the plaudits of the world’s press, but his style has not delighted everyone in […] - (read more)

Why We Should Build Cloud Cities on Venus

What an amazingly cool idea. This article is full of science and technology ideas that would get us to Venus, which is really a much more Earth-like environment than Mars appears. Read the Article: Why We Should Build Cloud Cities on Venus But the atmosphere of Venus, Arney and Jones argue, is “probably the most […] - (read more)